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Dive Into the New Age of Generative AI

Embark on a transformative journey into the new age of Generative AI. Explore limitless possibilities with our cutting-edge solutions and unlock the power of artificial intelligence today

Generative AI Organization Structure

Successfully executing a Generative AI project requires a multidisciplinary team with skills beyond AI and machine learning. Essential areas include data engineering, model fine-tuning, user experience, and industry expertise. A diverse team helps navigate the complexities and translates AI capabilities into practical business solutions.

Shorthills AI generative AI organizational framework

Shorthills AI Organizational Structure for AI Solutions

Solution Architect

Solution Architects understand client requirements, deliver cost-effective POCs, select appropriate models for finetuning and scaling, and possess expertise in tooling, deployment, and ML Ops

Data Engineer and Annotation

The task of a data engineer and annotations involves extracting and transforming data, preparing it for evaluation, and presenting it for annotation. Additionally, they are responsible for preparing the data to be used in finetuning processes.

Prompt Engineer

The role of a prompt engineer involves creating and implementing task prompts, showcasing expertise in logical reasoning, and swiftly evaluating outcomes. They excel at optimizing prompt design for optimal performance.

Tooling and API Expert
Model Finetuning
MLOps and Observability

Tooling and API experts possess expertise in APIs such as Langchain, Llama Index, and OpenAI. They excel in chaining prompts or creating agents, and demonstrate proficiency in utilizing GPT plugins to enhance their capabilities

Model finetuning involves optimizing the right model while efficiently managing memory and compute resources. It requires a deep understanding in technologies like DeepSpeed, Quantization, and other techniques for enhancing model performance.

MLOps and observability professionals have the responsibility of understanding and optimizing LLM metrics like perplexity, accuracy (Acc), BLEU, etc. They also focus on comprehending and measuring model drift, as well as ensuring proper versioning and maintenance of data.

Shorthills Offerings

Our Data Management Platform to generate High Quality Leads for

Real Estate Lenders

Extract information from unstructured documents. Power your search with semantics rather than keywords

Automate classification of text, labels, expenses, etc. in the right category

Transform your data to actionable knowledge and make it interactive

Generate reports and summaries of financial documents, product descriptions, etc. based on factual data. Remove hallucinations

Leverage reasoning ability of LLM to break complex problems into simpler parts

Analyze image data like invoices, photos and perform language tasks

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