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Our Mission

We are working on LLMs long before ChatGPT became a verb. After successfully building custom LLMs, GPT-4 plugins, installing open-source LLMs like Dolly we believe that all the enterprises can harness this new technology just like electricity or the internet.

Our Story

We started with a dream to build a portal for millions of shoppers which could read millions of reviews for millions of products and find out things which only a machine can do.


This started four years ago and we are happy to see that the whole world is realizing the power of Generative AI and LLMs in particular.

Powered by a team of techies and engineers and people who love creativity we know that the devil is in the details and Generative AI is as much about the Engineering Infrastructure as it is about Models.

Meet the Team

The team comprises of techies who build tech solutions and know that the devil is in the details

Our Employee's Certifications

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Life at Shorthills AI

Experience the dynamic and rewarding life at Shorthills AI. Join our team of AI enthusiasts, work on cutting-edge projects, and shape the future of artificial intelligence technologies.

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