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Video Tutorials

Informative Video from our AI Experts

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How to Implement Hybrid Search

Kunal Singh

Dive into the world of Hybrid Search and learn how to implement this with the latest tutorial video by Kunal.

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How to build RAG using Llama

Anirudh Kansal

Check out the tutorial video of Anirudh, where he shows how to build your own RAG from scratch and amplify your AI Skills.

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How to bypass Amazon captcha

Aashish Saini

Check out this tutorial video where Aashish explains how to do it ethically and judiciously using Python and Selenium.

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How to build your ChatGPT Plugin

Navanit Dubey

Navanit explains the step by step process of building your own ChatGPT plugin from scratch, making it accessible for everyone.

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Make custom Chatbots using LLMs

Anshuman Tanwar

Anshuman breaks down the steps to create a chatbot using Large Language Models, making it accessible for both AI veterans and beginners.

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