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Building Success Together: Shorthills AI's Tailored Engagement Model for Custom Generative AI Solutions

Collaborate with Shorthills AI to build custom generative AI tools. Our actionable engagement model ensures transformative results for your enterprise. Unlock AI's potential today!

Engagement Model

Shorthills AI Engagement model infographics

Process Discovery and Scope

Discover and define the project requirements and scope through in-depth consultations with our experts at Shorthills AI. We meticulously analyze your business processes, objectives, and challenges to develop a clear roadmap and comprehensive project plan for successful implementation.

POC Development

Leveraging our expertise and cutting-edge technologies, our team at Shorthills AI develops a Proof of Concept (POC) to validate the feasibility and effectiveness of our AI solutions within your specific business context. We ensure that the POC demonstrates the desired outcomes and provides valuable insights for informed decision-making.

Team Ramp Up

Once the POC is approved, we assemble a dedicated team of skilled professionals at Shorthills AI to kickstart your project. Our team seamlessly integrates with your organization, working collaboratively to implement the AI solutions, ensuring efficient project management, and achieving successful outcomes.

Option 1 - Turn-Key Option

Option 2 -Time & Materials

Project Discovery and Scope

Engage with Shorthills AI's experts to thoroughly understand your project requirements, objectives, and scope. Through meticulous discussions and analysis, we define the project roadmap, timeline, and deliverables, ensuring clarity and alignment from the outset.

Core Team Establishment

Shorthills AI establishes a core team of experienced professionals with the necessary skills and expertise to execute your project. This dedicated team becomes your trusted AI partner, working closely with your organization to deliver high-quality solutions while maintaining flexibility and adaptability.

Team Expansion

As your project progresses, Shorthills AI scales the team according to evolving requirements and project milestones. We ensure the seamless integration of additional team members, allowing for increased productivity, accelerated development, and effective management of project complexities.

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